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Standard operating procedures ensure businesses run effectively, stay organised and make sure employees know how to complete their tasks. If processes aren’t documented properly, then staff could be trained incorrectly and without all the information needed to do their job. Without SOP’s you also run the risk of knowledgeable staff members leaving with valuable information, that isn’t documented to pass on to the next staff member.

What are Standard Operating Procedures?

A Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is a step-by-step list of procedures or guidelines that help staff carry out routine tasks. Anyone should be able to understand these instructions. Having SOP’s in place will help your business to reduce mistakes, miscommunication and time taken to train staff. SOP’s maintain efficiency, quality and performance throughout any sized business’s operations.

Reasons why your business will benefit from having up to date SOP’s:

1. Provides motivation and increases productivity

2. Reduces time taken with training employees

3. provides consistency and quality control

4. improves communication

5. holds staff accountable

6. creates a safer work environment

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Tips to create an effective SOP:

· Keeping the processes simple and to the point will make it easy for new and existing staff members to understand and remember. Complex processes can usually be broken down into steps which will make it easy for the processes to be understood and carried out. Using a checklist format or flowchart can allow the steps to be set out and visualized for better understanding. Taking advantage of SOP software and templates can be a great way to make sure you have all the information set out clearly.

· Gaining knowledge from your staff about the tasks being completed is a great way to ensure the information on your SOP is correct. This will allow the procedures to be outlined in with most effective way of doing that task. Getting feedback from staff is useful to determine if certain processes are currently running effectively or need to be changed.

SOP’s need to be frequently reviewed as outdated procedures can often lead to them being overlooked completely. This will cause your business operations to suffer and workplace efficiency to drop.

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Although SOPs can be tedious and time-consuming to create, it’s worth it in the long run when you consider the things that could go wrong by not having them. The time spent writing them will ensure your business is operating efficiently.

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